The Modern Garage: 7 Features of Garages Beyond Belief


If you think that a garage is just a place to leave your car, you need to think again. Garages have been a feature of most American homes since the late ‘40s. Garages were traditionally a place to store your car or cars, your power tools, your lawn mower, and maybe your Christmas and Halloween decorations. As time has gone along, garages have evolved and now many include features like automatic remote-controlled doors and heated floors. However, there is a next level of garage. There are garages beyond belief.


What features do the world’s greatest garages include?


  1. Climate control. Is your garage insulated? Does it have heated floors? These are good features, but for many of the rich-and-famous, good isn’t enough. Garages beyond belief include climate controls to monitor and moderate temperature, humidity and air-pressure in order to keep their precious contents--high-end luxury vehicles-- in prime condition.
  2. Elevator entrance and exit. Sure, an automatic garage opener is cool, but you know what’s really cool? A hidden door in the ground and an elevator that takes cars in and out of your garage. Enter and exit your garage like Batman with a hidden door and an elevator.
  3. Your own hydraulic lift. If you like to do your own engine work, you may want to think about dropping a few thousand dollars to install a hydraulic lift in your own garage. Why should mechanics have all of the fun?
  4. Your own showroom. If you have really nice cars, you want to show them off. A garage beyond belief sometimes looks more like a showroom than a garage, with big open spaces to walk through and, sometimes, glass walls to display the cars while protecting them from damage.
  5. Polished marble floors. Nothing says class like marble. Lay down polished marble floors instead of concrete to make your garage look more like a Roman temple dedicated to the worship of automobiles. And don’t be concerned about dirt and oil on your beautiful floors--you can pay someone else to worry about that!
  6. Room for more than two cars. Way more. Any garage beyond belief is going to need room for more vehicles than a standard 2-car garage. A garage beyond belief is usually owned by someone who collects cars the way that a kid collects baseball cards. This means, the more space in the garage, the better.
  7. A fully stocked bar. While you should never drink and drive, there’s nothing wrong with having a drink AFTER you drive or while you are showing off your fleet. Garages beyond belief should include a place to unwind after a long day driving a Maserati or a Bugatti Veyron. Have a martini or a Manhattan while you look upon your beautiful collection of vehicles.