Attack the Tool Pile, Get Organized, and Power Up Your Garage or Toolshed


Let’s be honest- at the end of the summer, you may not have organized your lawn tools particularly well. In fact, because we are being honest, you maybe just put your tools into a big pile on the floor or on a shelf in said garage or toolshed.  You left them there, and you have not thought about that pile of tools in months.


The pile of tools is waiting for you. You could wait till the end of the winter, or even mid-spring to sort through it, but why not do a little work now to save yourself a lotof work later? Here are some steps you can take RIGHT NOW to organize your shed or garage and be ready to attack your lawn and garden when spring arrives.


  1. Use technology to make a plan and make your life easier. There are a few really good garage organization-planning apps that you can download for your smartphone or tablet. One great app is EZ Garage. If you feel more comfortable with pen and paper, write down your plan, and draw a simple picture to give yourself some strategy as you begin your organization journey.
  2. Get a pallet! If you use Pinterest, you probably know that repurposed wooden pallets are all the rage in decorating. Did you know that pallets also serve a practical purpose as well? It’s true! Buy a pallet or two, and place them in a corner. Place anything you have that contains chemicals like insecticideor fertilizer on your pallet. This way, if water gets into your toolshed or garage, the chemicals will not seep out of their containers and onto the floor. If you want to buy a few extra palletsand you have the space, you can put your power tools on them as well to keep them high and dry.
  3. Magnets are your best friends. Have you seen those magnetic strips they use in kitchens for knives and other kitchen tools? You can use these for small tools as well. Go out and get a few strips from your local kitchen supply store, put them up in your toolshed or garage, and place spades, screw drivers, pliers, and other small metal tools on them.
  4. Put old bookshelves to work. If you need storage space and you have old bookshelves or an old desk sitting in storage somewhere (possibly in the same garage where you are storing your garden supplies) why not use it to store your lawn and garden supplies? Move an old shelf against the wall, and place various tools, and other supplies upon your shelves.
  5. Group differently. Maybe you usually store your small tools together, or all of your power tools together. Try grouping items together based on whether or not you use them together. For instance, instead of storing paintbrushes with other tools, store them with your paint cans, or store your spades and shovels near your soil and fertilizers.